Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer Days driftin' away....

Thought we would do a comprehensive post on the summer's events. It sure has been a fun one! From Father's Day to camping in Yosemite!
Char walking up to Yosemite Falls....not much up there when we got there.
Grama HeavenAunt Karen rowing

somebodies tired of walking

Deer Crossing...apparently they have priority in Yosemite.

Char with two of her favorite aunties

dirty camping feetend of camping family pic

Birthday Fun!!

BFF Adrian

Grama Dixie with her two kiddos


Mamma reading Char her card from gramadarlin. (same one grama dixie sent mamma when she was 3)

Char and cousin Sheri

new boots!

Aunt Lu heading up the clothespin game

always a lady


Father's Day Bike Ride complete with matching tattoos

Monday, July 06, 2009

Tea Party Time

So I invited all of my work buddies over to help us celebrate Charlotte's 3rd birthday. It would be the first of several mini parties. I was feeling like a little over the top girlyness so who better to help us with that that a bunch of fashion designers? Of course, they surprised us when they all showed up in "traditional" english tea party garb complete with hats and heels. It was so amazing, I love those girls!
Dave was such a good sport with my ewwy gooey girly ideas. From dowsing the house in pink to even wearing his own "prince daddy" crown. (how did i not get a pic of that!??) Anyways, fun was had by all, from eating cupcakes to making our own princess wands. But none more than our little Three year old.
"prince daddy" resting up fro impending girlynessOur Sleeping Beauty taking a carrot break post-partyHad to take the big dress off briefly due to a yellow jacket that flew up it and stung her 3 TIMES! yet, she partied on. :)

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

To Our Sweet Girl on Her Birthday

Words cant describe the happiness that you have brought to my life. You make getting up in the morning, not only a joy, but an excitement. To watch you grow over these years is truly a miracle in itself (4 inches from a year ago!) and watching you become the beautiful little person that you are is so heart warming and gratifying. From the way you give your little butterfly kisses to the way you like to just hold my head in your arms when you are half asleep. I enjoy every part of your life.
Three years ago today I thought that you were such an amazing little life but today I know what an impact you have made in so many lives just being the little spirit of joy that you cant help but be. I love you my little Char, sweet cheeks, my sweet Charlotte.

More pics to come of the celebratory events :)

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend FUN!

Our Easter weekend was filled with lots of fun stuff. Saturday morning Charlotte and I got up and headed to our local egg hunt at the fairgrounds (Dave had to work). We hunted eggs, went on a hayride and even met some new friends. After that we headed to Grama and Grampa's to color eggs and have another hunt with Char's best bud Adrian (who was definitely an egg shark, with his ratio running 4:1 above Charlotte). Sunday Grama and Grampa Ryan came over for Dave's version of Karen's famous shrimp ala dino...mmmm. We hung out, went on a bike ride, and did MORE egg hunting. Maybe with all her practice she can give Adrian a run for his money next year.

Dave and Karen trading recipe secrets

Charlotte takes a break from hunting to pick a flower

Charlotte and Adrian at Grama's

Char's new friend GiselleMe and Charlotte on the hayride being silly

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rainy Day Entertainment

So last week we had a flurry of rain and the weekend was the worst so we were trying to find fun things to do inside. Charlotte is turning into such the "girlie-girl" she loves all things dress up and princess and get the picture. She also loves to hang out in "mommy's room" aka my sewing room. I will often pull out different little things for her to play with, from button boxes, to zippers she never knows what it will be next. Well, on this day it was my antique lace collection...she had a blast!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Around the Country in 9 days...

So, our little fam has just returned from our trip back southeast (AL, TN, SC) and we had an absolute blast!

First we landed in Huntsville, greeted by Deedee and the kids. Vegged out at her house for a few hours and Dave finally got to see their house. Then it was off the Mom's in Nashville for the beginning of our belated Christmas. I just loved those days filled with Goodwill trips, puzzling, playing games and just enjoying each others company. After a few days hanging out with Mom and Tom and with some stop-ins by Jen and Brody(what a sweetie pie!), Craig and his girlfriend, and Jared, we made the long drive to Dad's in South Carolina.

Dad and Sue were all geared up for our tardy Christmas and they were so sweet to even leave their decorations up for us! It was so nice to be able to just relax, drink coffee and take the occasional shopping trip. Dad and I even got in a round of golf at their local par 3 course. We were also lucky enough to have Aunt Wanda, Lisa, and Granny make the trip while we were there. It was great to see Jesse and Jay again too! We also got to hang out with Deedee, Brent, and the kids the entire time! Charlotte and Sarah were fast was sort of a love-hate sort of thing...dotted with marathon hugs and coffee cup slugs (poor Sarah)
All in all we could not have had more fun! and we thank everybody involved for creating that for us!

beware the "panty-head gang"

Cuddlin' Cousins

being silly on Grama and Grandad's bed

Dad and Deed and anonymous baby doll

Sir Ephraim Statichead of Cute-alot


Granny and Charlotte were fast buddies

Charlotte loving Granny reading her a story

"where's the fire! panty head brigade is on the call"

whats more fun that banging a tree with sticks?